Improve the quality of life of the most disadvantaged


Social investments to fight poverty

We want to build a world where there is no inequality between human beings, where children can grow with the same opportunities wherever they are born, and where no one shows indifference to poverty.
We contribute through donations and social investments to projects that help the most disadvantaged, the poor among the poor, sharing the hope that they can lead the dignified life every human being deserves.

Photo by Netri Foundation


A world without poverty

If aliens came and saw the state of our world, there would be something that they could not may really struggle to understand: The total abundance in which one part lives, and the absolute misery in which the other part is plunged. It would cost themmay be harder for them to understand even more how, being able to solve such inequality,why little or nothing  serious is seriously done about it.

At the Netri Foundation, we believe in the ideal of a world without poverty. Our main motivation, and the ultimate goal that gives meaning to our daily activity, is to try to solve, to the extent of our possibilities, this inequality and the indifference behind towards it. Inequality and indifference,  that would traits that surely will make us redden in front of an alien.

Photo by Netri Foundation