Our social impact in depth


We have helped to launch these initiatives

60_decibels Financial Inclusion Index

In 2022, 60 Decibels launched the world’s first financial inclusion Index, where 72 MFIs participated and where over 17,000 of their clients were interviewed to understand the impact of microfinance on their lives, measured across five areas: access, business impact, household impact, financial management and resilience. These were then benchmarked regionally and globally, allowing for assessment of performance among different MFIs. Netri Foundation participated as one of the founding partners of this initiative.

Community of Practice on Impact Measurement and Management

We are part of the Community of Practice of Spanish Foundations on Impact Measurement and Management, an initiative launched by ESADE Center for Social Impact in collaboration with Fundación BBK to foster transparency, disseminate knowledge and support participating foundations in improving the measurement and management of the impact they generate.

Taskforce Social – SpainNab

We are part of SpainNAB‘s Social Taskforce, which was launched in 2022 and aims to be a meeting point for social entities to generate knowledge and reflection and proposals for impact investment to contribute to their goals. The Social Taskforce involves actors from the social sector with different roles, including foundations, associations, and social enterprises.