Our social impact in figures

What we have achieved

The impact of our grants and social investments in numbers

Since Inception:

  • We have financed 128 institutions, disbursing more than 52 million euros
  • We  have incentivised a further 17 million euros from other investors as a result of our catalytic investment initiatives
  • We have donated more than 5.9 million euros to support the programmes of 32 other organisations

To measure the impact of all our activities, we have adopted a methodology to calculate the social impact of each investment and grant.

How do we measure it
Includes only direct investments in social enterprises and donations (does not take into account investments in impact funds and bonds).

Impact by focus area

Summary of our main projects and their impact


More than 300,000 children with access to education

  • Construction of 19 schools, a student residence, and 5 libraries
  • Loans to affordable private schools to finance new facilities: more than 160,000 primary school students enjoying a better quality education
  • Loans to university students: 290 students who can complete their degree
  • More than 2.200 children receiving support to attend school: an opportunity to a better childhood and brighter prospects 
  • 2,760 radios distributed for distance education: around 55,000 people with access to education and vital information for everyday life
  • 3,500 bicycles distributed: providing children living in remote parts a means to reach their study centres
Photo by Netri Foundation


More than 375,000 people with improved access to health services

  • 15 medical nutritional support programs: More than 7,500 children who have recovered from severe malnutrition
  • Infrastructural improvements of 4 clinics in remote areas: 3,200 people have benefited from improved access and medical attention
  • 1 shelter and 3 mobile medical service: 180,000 homeless people have received medical and social care
  • Over 9,500 alerts identifying counterfeit medication, which if ingested, could have led to serious complications and even death
  • 1 ophthalmology project aimed to reduce preventable blindness in Sub-Saharan Africa: Our contribution has facilitated over 700 cataract surgeries with a high-quality result.
  • 3 COVID-19 emergency programs: More than 110,000€ donated to existing partners providing emergency food and sanitary equipment supplies, benefitting more than 18,000 people.
  • 2 programs to improve access to information and care for pregnant women and mothers with the aim to reduce maternal and infant mortality/morbidity, reaching over 130,000 women
Photo by Francisco Venâncio


More than 90,000 agricultural input loans and services provided to smallholder farmers

  • To enhance the productivity and commercial opportunities of their farming activities
  • Thousands of farmers benefitting from greater food security, higher incomes and better prospects for their families
Photo by Netri Foundation


144 houses built

  • Decent homes to improve the quality of life and protect families from cold and heat
Photo by Netri Foundation


More than 330,000 microcredits

  • Thousands of families gaining access to credits, savings accounts, business education, and technical support
  • More opportunities and tools to set up their businesses and better manage their household finances
Foto de Fundación Netri


More than 290,000 households benefiting from solar energy in their homes

  • Cheaper, healthier and higher quality light and energy
Photo by Greenlight Planet


More than 60,000 people with access to drinking water

  • 175 water wells constructed in villages
  • Communities who are now less likely to suffer from water borne diseases
  • Woman and girls freed from the hard task of fetching water
Photo by Netri Foundation

Cumulated Outreach by Focus Areas

An estimated 3.8 million people reached (2021)

 The number of beneficiaries for the microfinance, energy and agriculture sectors includes the entire family unit (estimated to be composed of 5 persons).